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The WebSummit Unicorns Orgy And How it Kills Portugal

Every November I have the same dilemma and I always reach the same conclusion: stay as far away from Lisbon and its WebSummit unicorns, entrepreneurs, bringers of rain and dream chasers as possible. What I see every time I come to Portugal is definitely a lot of investment but very low permanent value being created: […]


How to Choose the Right Front-end Technologies for Your Next Project

This article was written for entry level Front-end Developers and all the front-end enthusiasts that want to know a bit more about the subject. The purpose is to present some of the daily tools I use to build web interfaces and inspire self-critic minds to challenge themselves on each new project. Why should we care? It’s […]


Hosted vs Self-hosted E-Commerce Platforms: What’s the best fit for you?

Doesn’t matter if you sell t-shirts, sunglasses, shoes or toys. Whatever your business model is, if you want to launch it online there’s a key decision that will immediately pop up the second you open your browser to write that very first Google search: Should I go with a hosted solution (a website like Shopify that runs […]