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Start Less And Finish More: How To Get More Stuff Done In Your Personal Life

When I was a kid and still during great part of my teenage years I had a big problem in finishing things. My first wake up call was that Christmas eve of 1997 when I had to make room in my 16Gb hard drive to install the brand new Tomb Raider II I’ve just received […]


How to Boost Your Productivity by 400% With Kanban

Kanban, “signboard” in Japanese, is a scheduling system created by Taiichi Ohno to eliminate waste on the Toyota Production System. One of the its main benefits is to limit the work in progress and avoid the overload of the manufacturing system. After software took over, many startups struggle with making their teams efficient while avoiding burn […]


Stop Blocking Your Company’s Growth

 To build a successful engineering team you need three things: a solid engineering culture / processes, inspiring people leaders and challenging problems to solve. Most companies suffer because they miss one of these and the conflicts with their engineering teams starts slowing everything down. For this article I want to start focusing on the first […]