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Start Less And Finish More: How To Get More Stuff Done In Your Personal Life

When I was a kid and still during great part of my teenage years I had a big problem in finishing things. My first wake up call was that Christmas eve of 1997 when I had to make room in my 16Gb hard drive to install the brand new Tomb Raider II I’ve just received […]


Cadernos do Número Onze: A Inquietude de Não Saber Dizer de Onde Sou

Hufelandstraße, Berlin Let me start by apologise in advance since this article will be written in my mother tongue, Português (yes, it’s written with this funny thingy on top of the ‘e’), and by addressing an even more deep and sincere apology to myself for not doing this more often. In the middle of all […]


The Story of How a Building in Berlin Changed My Life

Last week I had my last day as Director of Engineering at Fyber which also marked the end of a long adventure of 5 years at the number 20 of Johannisstraße in Berlin. As ridiculous as it might sound, this is an article about a building, not any building, the one where I decided which […]