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1 Year Travelling in Southeast Asia After Building My First Tech Startup (Part 1)

I want to say before we move on that this is an article of opinion, not intending to represent anyone’s vision of the events reported besides my own. The year was 2014, I had my first job as a Chief Technology Officer in a company I helped build from the ground up, my own house near […]


How to Choose the Right Front-end Technologies for Your Next Project

This article was written for entry level Front-end Developers and all the front-end enthusiasts that want to know a bit more about the subject. The purpose is to present some of the daily tools I use to build web interfaces and inspire self-critic minds to challenge themselves on each new project. Why should we care? It’s […]


Hosted vs Self-hosted E-Commerce Platforms: What’s the best fit for you?

Doesn’t matter if you sell t-shirts, sunglasses, shoes or toys. Whatever your business model is, if you want to launch it online there’s a key decision that will immediately pop up the second you open your browser to write that very first Google search: Should I go with a hosted solution (a website like Shopify that runs […]